“Zirkus der Schatten” June 2017

Anne will play circus director Magda Nesterval with Vienna’s premiere interactive theater group, Nesterval. This innovative piece will be performed in cooperation with Zirkus Pikard. Expect an evening full of mystery, colourful characters, singing, and real circus acts.

Where and When:

Performances take place across Lower Austria (Niederösterrich). 

  • Friday, 2. June: Premiere, Wiener Neustadt
  • Saturday, 3. June, Wiener Neustadt
  • Saturday, 3. June, Wiener Neustadt
  • Monday, 12. June, Bruckneudorf
  • Tuesday 13. June, Bruckneudorf
  • Friday, 30. June, Traismauer

Tickets and Info: http://www.nesterval.at/tickets

Photo (c) Alexandra Thompson Photography


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